Light in texture, you will find our Olivella Body Lotion 
a great addition to your skin protection throughout 
the year, but especially in warm seasons. The 
formula has added natural ingredients, all while 
still providing the all natural goodness you have 
come to expect from our Body Lotion. The texture is 
lighter and the formula now includes Melissa 
Officinalis leaf oil that is amazing for its calming 
and soothing effects on your skin. Olivella Body 
Lotion has a fresh evergreen scent, which is 
pleasing without being overwhelming. Derived from 
100% virgin olive oil, this lotion contains vitamin A 
and E, which both aid in ensuring your skin's 
Apply every day to body skin, gently massage. It is 
easily absorbed and leaves your skin elasticized 
and moisturized. Paraben Free. Made in Italy.

Olivella Body Lotion - Large Pump 100% Virgin Olive Oil - New Formula 16.9 oz.