This Raw Fragrance Free soap is all natural. 
With 100% virgin olive oil, you are 100% 
protected from scents and ingredients that could 
irritate your skin. Gentle yet impressive, just like 
you! Olivella® “RAW FRAGRANCE FREE“ is 
made from 100% virgin olive oil like all of the 
soaps in the line and has been researched to 
clean even more gently, respecting the most 
sensitive and delicate skin and the environment.
It has a basic formula that is free of additives, 
artificial coloring and other synthetics. To make 
it even more natural we have also left out 
commonly added fragrances while still keeping 
the soap a pleasure to use.

16.90 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Olivella "Raw Fragrance Free" Virgin Olive Oil Face & Body Liquid Soap - Pump